About us

Thank you for showing interest in Black - Tshirts.

Black Tshirts was started by partners Mona from Germany and Martin from England, who – despite coming from different countries – have much in common as well as living in Basel, Switzerland.

Both come from the northern territories of their countries where people are known to be bold, fearless and strong, which reflects in the designs of their t-shirt styles.

The idea to start a t-shirt brand came when they bought what they thought was an attractive looking viking t-shirt online. Unfortunately what they received was a cheap looking low quality t-shirt that was several sizes smaller than what it said it should be. Returning is was pointless as shipping to China costs more than it was worth. 

"It was then the idea came to design and hand craft our own quality t-shirts in Europe with bold and exiting designs, which we believed ourselves and our friends would like to wear in the gym and in our leisure time.

From this was born Black Tshirts.

The statues of our company going forward are:

  1. Bold, fearless and strong designs
  2. Clear sizing guides so you get what you order
  3. Honest descriptions of quality of garments
  4. Fast and efficient order to delivery process
  5. Customer satisfaction is key – like it or return it

We hope you enjoy our products. Please let us know on our Facebook page and give us a mention on other social media sites.


Thank you,
                   Mona and Martin"
                   Basel, Switzerland

P.s. How to take care of your clothes.

In order to get the longest life out of your Black Tshirts you should always wash our products at 40 degrees and under.

Turn the print on the inside to avoid abrasion on the side of the drum as well as when ironing and lastly: 

Do not tumble dry.